HiveBeats for food environments

Food safety in your cafe or restaurant

Food safety practice is important to all food export businesses to safeguard and ensure the food they provide is fresh and safe for consumers. It is time to take the guesswork and human error out of your food safety temperature and humidity monitoring.

There are many environmental elements that can affect the wellbeing of your customers and the safety of your food. The HiveBeats Environmental Monitor lets you monitor the conditions in your food cabinets and storage chillers.

With the HiveBeats Environmental Monitoring sensor installed you can help drive beter processes and efficiencies within your business:

  • Food safety inspection checklists
  • Food holding temperature logs
  • Food safety procedures
  • Food safety checklists for kitchens
  • Daily cleaning checklists
  • Food safety audits
  • Door open alerts

Monitoring the temperature and humidity in the food cabinet to avoid food spoil and health risks.
Trigger on Light Levels
Monitor Temperature
Monitor Humidity
Monitor Air Quality